A world of mobility: WheelChair Accessible Taxi’s In Ahmedabad

If you have  been using a wheelchair for a while or if your family member has been using one, you are perhaps all too familiar with the considerations that need to be made when travelling with a wheelchair.

Ability On Wheels is not only one of the best driving schools for people with disabilities in Gujarat, but is possibly the only taxi service offering  Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Why Book Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxis ?

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis by Ability On Wheels provide SAFE, CONVENIENT AND STRESS FREE  mobility for both wheelchair users and their caregivers. From getting to the grocery store to going to doctor appointments, a mobility vehicle can get you where you need to go – whether you need to accommodate a manual or power wheelchair.

Kind Of Taxis Offered by Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxis, Ahmedabad:

Modified Renault Lodgy:

With a large sized wheelchair :
2 passengers + 1 wheelchair user

With a small sized wheelchair :
4 passengers + 1 wheelchair user

Modified WagonR: 1 passenger + 1 Wheelchair user

With convenient and flexible booking options, you can book a Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Ahmedabad for travel within the city or out of town at great rates!
So don’t be dependant on anyone to drive you anywhere. All you have to do is call us and we’ll arrange for a drive for you.
For booking wheelchair accessible taxis contact us at 9429633859 or Send us an email to: info@abilityonwheels.org

Looking For Freedom Despite Using A Wheelchair?

Did you know that more than 1,50,000 of India’s population uses a wheelchair. Yet, Wheelchair Accessible Taxi services in India are very few.

Nearly 20% of India’s population has a disability that limits one or more activities of daily living one of the major being, commuting or travels.

This not only curtails one’s movement further but also acts as a deterrent in one’s desire to travel.

Ability On Wheels, a premium taxi wheelchair service in Ahmedabad, India, is committed to providing premium Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service and offering to the public it serves with the safest, most professional and courteous wheelchair accessible taxi service available.

So who are the people who can use these services?

a) People with permanent disabilities:

Often using electric or manual wheelchairs, those who need to travel on a regular basis or on occasioncan book a wheelchair accessible taxi via Ability On Wheels, Ahmedabad.

b) Those with medical conditions:

People who maybe temporarily using the wheelchair also need to commute. These could be those attending rehabilitation services of hospitals, people with leg fractures or other situations where people may be confined to a wheelchair owing to medical issues.

c)  Those looking to travel:

With our wheelchair accessible taxi, you can now explore the world beyond your city. If you are looking to travel for social, leisure or work related purposes, our wheelchair accessible taxi services can be extremely useful to you. Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services can be rented to travel out of Ahmedabad as well.

d)  Senior citizens with special needs:

It’s not unknown that senior citizens acquire special requirements and might need to use the wheelchair sometimes. Our taxi service can be called for assistance for their commuting needs.

Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services at all times aspires  to provide its services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Being one of it’s kind Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services in India, we hope to better the lives of those who use the wheelchair.