Disabled Driving All you need to know

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January 29, 2019 In Driving school for the disabled

Disabled driving is no more a far-fetched concept and is as real as it could be. Over the years, with the heightened awareness about the interests and needs of the disabled population and with the establishment of concerned laws and institutions, the process has become hassle-free and convenient.
With certain handicap driving modifications in the vehicle and a license for disabled driving, one can drive with safety and ease.

Handicap driving modifications:

While the process for acquiring a permit as a disabled person is simple and crisp, one must make certain modifications in his/her vehicle in order to qualify for a driver’s license. These modifications will largely depend upon the nature and intensity of one’s disability. Some general changes are as follows:

  • Power Controls – The vehicle should be modified to include certain power controls such as an electric gear selector, power steering, joysteer, electric breaks etc. These power controls will act as an aid for people who possess lowered reliance on a firm grip (On both hands and feet).
  • Ramps – Ramps are essential for wheelchair-bound drivers to get them into the vehicle.
  • Customized seats – The driver’s seat should be modified with a stability management system in order to eliminate the possibility of displacement of the handicapped person.
  • Sound detecting equipment is an additional adaptive device with help detect the sound waves from the surroundings to facilitate the driver if he/she is hearing impaired.
  • Additional grips have to be incorporated in case of a driver with a loosened grip to facilitate firm handling of controls.

License for disabled driving

  • Everyone wishing to drive a vehicle has to incorporate certain modifications in the vehicle and acquire a license for disabled driving by appearing for both written and road test.
  • Before appearing for the tests, the disabled person is liable to fill out an application form which can be acquired from the concerned transportation authority of your locality, and upload the scanned copies of the form. At the appointed time of the test, copies of documents such as RC Book, disabled ID certificate etc.
  • A Similar registration procedure is required for Driver’s license after the procurement of Learner’s license.
  • For a more detailed guideline refer to our blog post on the same.

Disabled Laws for disabled driving

  • The laws for disabled driving are a set of regulations laid down by the state along with the transportation department to ensure the harmonious movement of the traffic, keeping in mind the safety of the citizens.
  • The certain requirements for a differently abled person to drive a motor vehicle include the proper and supervised application of handicap driving modifications of the vehicle in order to suit the requirements of the disabled person along with obtaining a Driver’s license from the concerned authority.

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