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Societal attitudes have not developed in isolation from the ways that have historically responded to people with disabilities. Nor can they be adequately addressed without changing the way we continue to respond to people with disabilities.

In lieu of this Harish Kumar undertook the challenge of getting recognized for the overall cause by driving his way to success.

People believe disability is someone else’s problem. They do not believe disability will touch their lives, and give little thought to the experience of living with disability, or caring for someone with a disability. Without first-hand experience, they hold on to the belief that at least things are better than they used to be.

There also appears to be a common belief that people with a disability are not able to make a significant contribution to the community, and that they are somehow not of equal value as human beings and members of the community. Many people have low expectations of people with a disability, believing that they cannot learn or are not able to do anything useful. They are often denied opportunities to experience life, to explore their potential and achieve success, because it is assumed that their potential is limited. It is often stated that people with a disability are tolerated in the community, but tolerance is not acceptance and genuine inclusion.