A world of mobility: WheelChair Accessible Taxi’s In Ahmedabad

If you have  been using a wheelchair for a while or if your family member has been using one, you are perhaps all too familiar with the considerations that need to be made when travelling with a wheelchair.

Ability On Wheels is not only one of the best driving schools for people with disabilities in Gujarat, but is possibly the only taxi service offering  Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Why Book Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxis ?

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis by Ability On Wheels provide SAFE, CONVENIENT AND STRESS FREE  mobility for both wheelchair users and their caregivers. From getting to the grocery store to going to doctor appointments, a mobility vehicle can get you where you need to go – whether you need to accommodate a manual or power wheelchair.

Kind Of Taxis Offered by Ability On Wheels Wheelchair Accessible Taxis, Ahmedabad:

Modified Renault Lodgy:

With a large sized wheelchair :
2 passengers + 1 wheelchair user

With a small sized wheelchair :
4 passengers + 1 wheelchair user

Modified WagonR: 1 passenger + 1 Wheelchair user

With convenient and flexible booking options, you can book a Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Ahmedabad for travel within the city or out of town at great rates!
So don’t be dependant on anyone to drive you anywhere. All you have to do is call us and we’ll arrange for a drive for you.
For booking wheelchair accessible taxis contact us at 9429633859 or Send us an email to: info@abilityonwheels.org

Process of Acquiring A Driving License For The Disabled In India – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, Process Of Acquiring A Driving License For The Disabled In India- Part 1 we talked about registering your vehicle as an Invalid Carriage.

Now that that’s been done, you will first need to procure a learner’s licence.

How does one get this?

A driving school such as Ability On Wheels, Ahmedabad,  can help you with the process. Should you wish to do it independently, here’s how.

Learner’s License

You must go the the RTO website of your area.
In the Home menu, go to Apply Online,New Learners license.

Once you are on this page, furnish all the details required and follow the process mentioned. Approach the RTO Office again with all the printed forms. Don’t forget to carry the original RC book and it’s copy, Disability ID Card, Certificate and Driving Ability Certificate.

It’s imperative to take your vehicle for the LLR. The fee to get your Learner’s licence must be paid at the  fee counter. Once this is done, see the inspector who will approve your forms.  After the approval of your forms and the clicking of your photograph, you can (usually)  download the LLR the same day from same website where you applied.

Now wait for a month. This is a routine waiting period for all forms of licenses.
If you belong to Gujarat, the driving school Ability On Wheels has helped several people with disabilities to get their driving licence and live a life of independence.

Driver’s License

After the mentioned waiting period is over, you should go back to your state’s local RTO website and apply for a New License. If you have any additional endorsements such as a scooter licence, please make sure to attach those. Once this is done, repeat the process of filling up all the forms, upload all required scanned documents, and take print out of the forms. Take all your documents and  visit the fee counter, pay the fee, meet the inspector, provide your driving test, get his approval, get the forms signed at the office and finally, take your photo. Now sit back and wait!

Your driving licence should arrive at your home soon.