Looking for a Modified Vehicle? Know Some Things!

The needs of every specially abled person are different.  The need for a modified vehicle varies from family to family and person to person.

For some, a modified vehicle may be a means to merely reach a doctor’s appointment. For others, it is that first accessible trip across towns to travel!

So the need for an adapted vehicle could be as diverse as driving across town to making it in time to work or take that summer vacation. Whatever the purpose, there are consistent points that make a reliable vehicle: quality, customer service, and attention to detail.

Ability On Wheels offers Car Modification Services in Ahmedabad for people with special needs. However, if you are looking to purchase an already modified vehicle, certain things must be ensured.

It is an easy assumption to think that people with disabilities only need a vehicle to make it to their next medical appointment. On the contrary style, comfort, and personality are all important aspects of finding an accessible vehicle that is the perfect fit.

When purchasing an adapted vehicle, below are some must ask questions:

  • What type of modified vehicle will service my specific needs?
  • What type of modified conversions or adaptations do you provide?
  • What are the service capabilities and where is the nearest repair center?
  • What are your crash ratings?
  • How does the service staff handle complains or issues on the road?
  • Are you a certified dealer?
  • What kinds of financing options are available?

Consider your short term and long term requirements. Considerations may be navigating in and out independently, hand controls, or other features, distance to travel, etc. More than anything, a person with special needs wants to find a brand or dealer they can trust.

Ability On Wheels in Ahmedabad is a trusted Car Modification vendor and can be relied upon to carry out modifications according to the drivers individual disability.