Can People With Disabilities Drive A Vehicle In India?

Whether a person with a physical disability can get a driving license in India or not depends on an individual’s physical capability and the extra equipment to accommodate them. Driving school for the disabled in India now are coming up with the intent to make disabled people independent.

People suffering from loco-motor disabilities (meaning disability of the bones, joints muscles leading to substantial restriction of the movement of the limbs or any form of cerebral palsy) are eligible to drive an Invalid Carriage (modified vehicle) if the licensing authority is satisfied that he is fit to drive such a carriage.

As per Indian Motor Vehicle Act “invalid carriage” means a motor vehicle specially designed and constructed, and not merely adapted, for the use of a person suffering from some physical defect or disability, and used solely by or for such a person.

People suffering from hearing impairment, visual impairment & mental illness are not authorized to drive.

In all cases, a driving school for disabled must make the driver skilled to be tested to prove you can drive safely, and a restriction will be placed on your driver’s license.

All States require a valid learner’s permit or driver’s license to receive an on-the-road driving evaluation. You cannot be denied the opportunity to apply for a permitor license because of age or disability. However, a driver’s license with restrictions may be issued based on your need of adaptive equipment.

However in 2011, the Delhi High Court has allowed deaf persons to go through the test and drive if they are found capable, the High Court has, for the first time in this country, permitted deaf persons to legally drive a vehicle.

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