Process Of Acquiring A Driving License For The Disabled In India- Part 1

Ability on WheelsDriving school for the disabledProcess Of Acquiring A Driving License For The Disabled In India- Part 1
December 18, 2018 In Driving school for the disabled

More and more people in India are seeking out to procure a driving license thanks to Disability Driving Schools such as Ability On Wheels in Ahmedabad.

While people with blindness, deafness, mental health issues and motor control issues cannot get a drivers license, people with limitations of certain motor skills can acquire an “Invalid Carriage” license. Invalid Carriage by definition is a vehicle modified for use by physically challenged people. In the new Motor Vehicle Act this terminology is expected to be replaced by the term “Adapted Vehicle”.

Ability on Wheels in Ahmedabad, is one of it’s kind of Disability Driving Schools which assists in teaching driving to people with disabilities along with providing other assistance in vehicle modifications and license procurement.

  • Acquiring a driving license for the people with disabilities in India is now simple.  The first step to acquiring a driving license will be to have your vehicle marked as an ‘Invalid Carriage.’ With simple modifications to your car through the correct vendors, you can modify almost any car to make it ‘disability friendly.’ Here is a detailed list of all the various modifications that are possible. (
  • At the time of purchasing a new car please do not forget to claim 50% concession in insurance (only valid for people with disabilities buying the vehicle in their own name). Next step is to get the vehicle modified from genuine vendors.
  • Next visit the RTO with all the required documents (you may visit the RTO website of your local area) such as address proof, ID proof, car insurances, etc. You will also require to carry a Form 20 with class of vehicle as INVALID CARRIAGE Non Transport duly filled,  Disability ID card and Disability Certificate, two copies of the Chassis number on two papers (done by pencil sketching), covering letter requesting the RTO to register your car as Invalid Carriage and for Tax exemption.
  • At the RTO, have the assigned inspector check your car and give his approval. Proceed towards submitting the form. The registration charges are minimal since you will get 100% Road Tax exemption (varies from state to state).
  • Once the forms have been submitted and accepted at the office, they will ask you to come after a week to collect the RC book / card. A nominal fee of around 120 rupees to “alter your vehicle” to Invalid Carriage might be incurred here.

Ensure the class of Vehicle is Invalid Carriage and other details like colour, engine, fuel etc are correct. Congrats! You are a step closer to acquiring your drivers license.

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